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From "Jarrod Knox" <>
Subject RE: looking for
Date Tue, 24 May 2005 02:58:27 GMT

    --- CartSelectController.jpf
    --- selectCart.jsp

    --- CartViewController.jpf
    --- viewCart.jsp
    --- viewItem.jsp

    --- CartWindow.jpf
    --- cartWindow.jsp

   selectCart.jsp --> This has a select box that will allow them to select
one of there carts. In the controller this will call viewCart action in the

   viewCart.jsp --> this will display the carts selected contents and allow
them to select a link that will forward to an action inf the controller
CartViewController.jpf viewItem.

   cartWindow.jsp --> This will contain the menu bar and 2 windows/portlets
(whatever the new buzzword is of the week).
   The issue is that the action for selectCart.jsp and the action for
viewCart.jsp will be looked for in the CartWindow.jpf Controller.

Therefore I can't build one jsp that contains both of the jsp's unless I
merge the controllers.

I can do more code and submit if this is not understood.


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From: Richard Feit [] 
Sent: Friday, May 20, 2005 7:22 PM
To: Beehive Users
Subject: Re: question about inheritance

Hi Jarrod,

Would you send along some code snippets?  I want to make sure I 
understand your issue.


Jarrod Knox wrote:

>One thing off the top of my head is calling a page flow from my page flow
>that is not shared.
>Pageflow 1
>Pageflow 2
>Jsp contains pageflow 1 and pageflow 2 forms in pageflow 2
>This won't work because I can't include the pageflow 1 in pageflow 2 it
>look for the action in pageflow 1 in pageflow 2 that won't exist.
>Developing a "custom" portal like application, so if I could do this it
>would be great.
>	- currently I am forced to merge the 2 different flows into one.
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>From: Richard Feit [] 
>Sent: Friday, May 20, 2005 3:15 PM
>To: Beehive Users
>Subject: Re: question about inheritance
>Thank you!  :)
>Hopefully you'll continue to find that it's got what you need, and where 
>it doesn't, we'd love to get bugs/feature-requests, or better yet, to 
>have people get involved.
>The questions are great for us to hear -- they give us a sense for where 
>we've done things well and where there are holes... and where we need to 
>fill in the docs.
>Oh, and if it *is* good, getting the word out definitely helps the 
>project.  :)
>Adam Jenkins wrote:

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