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From Richard Feit <>
Subject Re: project structure and the Page Flow compiler
Date Thu, 21 Apr 2005 18:06:24 GMT
I see.  These all go to the build-pageflows macro.  I've added the 
updated list (based on feedback from Jeremiah and Eddie) below, with 
some notes about how the parameters are used.

   - (*) srcdir: the root directory which will be scanned for source 
files.  This is passed through to the <apt> task.

   - (*) classpathref: the classpath reference for building page flows. 
This is appended with the path to beehive-netui-compiler.jar, then 
passed to <apt>.

   - sourcepathref: a path that contains all the source roots.  Defaults 
to @{srcdir} and @{srcdir}/WEB-INF/src.  This is passed to <apt> *and* 
is passed to the Page Flow APs as -Aweb.source.roots.

   - webcontentdir: the root location for web content (e.g., JSPs, 
web.xml, etc.).  Defaults to @{srcdir}. This is passed to the Page Flow 
APs as -Aweb.content.root.

   - weboutputdir: the root of the webapp build output directory, for 
generated webapp files (e.g., generated Struts config files in 
WEB-INF/.pageflow-struts-generated).  Defaults to @{srcdir}. This is 
passed to the Page Flow APs as -Aweb.output.root.

   - classoutputdir: the directory for compiled classes.  Defaults to 
@{weboutputdir}/WEB-INF/classes.  This is passed to <apt> as 'destdir'.

   - tempdir: the directory for temporary .java files, copied from page 
flows (etc.) with extensions.  Defaults to 
@{srcdir}/WEB-INF/.tmpbeansrc.  This is passed to <apt> as 'gendir'.

Let me know if you have more questions about this.


Alexander Smirnoff wrote:

> Almost... The compiler parameters you discussing here - where they go 
> to: macro definition or AptTask? Or both? Or there is something else?
> In Pollinate we want to be as close as possible to Beehive compilation 
> process. So reusing AptTask inside Eclipse can be one of the 
> solutions. Currently we just running APT tool from within Eclipse. I'm 
> trying to provide the solution of reusing Beehive's AptTask and 
> currently experimenting with it. So if you're adding parameters and 
> flexible layout to Ant's macros we will have to emulate the same thing 
> in Pollinate Builder, however if you're extending AptTask to do that, 
> then the support will be available for us right out off the box...
> Alex.
> Richard Feit wrote:
>> Good question -- it's really the annotation processor(s) (which gets 
>> launched through "build-pageflows" and through AptTask).  
>> Specifically, it's the AnnotationProcessors that are chosen by the 
>> factories 
>> org.apache.beehive.netui.compiler.apt.PageFlowAnnotationProcessorFactory 
>> and 
>> org.apache.beehive.netui.compiler.apt.FormBeanAnnotationProcessorFactory.  
>> Is that what you were wondering?
>> Rich
>> Alexander Smirnoff wrote:
>>> Richard,
>>> When you say 'compiler' do you mean 
>>> "org.apache.beehive.controls.runtime.generator.AptTask" class or 
>>> you're talking about 'build-pageflows' macro? Sorry I missed this 
>>> from the beginning and just want to be sure for 100%.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Alex.
>>> Richard Feit wrote:
>>>> Hi all,
>>>> Currently, the Page Flow compiler assumes that your entire webapp 
>>>> is in one place: source, resources, config files, build output, 
>>>> etc.  It infers the root of the webapp by crawling up from the 
>>>> current source file and looking for WEB-INF/web.xml.  This is 
>>>> obviously broken for many (most?) project structures.  Eddie and I 
>>>> had an email conversation about this, and came up with a number of 
>>>> parameters you'd want to be able to specify:
>>>>    1) [required] srcDir: the root for source files in your webapp 
>>>> (*.java, etc.)
>>>>    2) [required] outputDir: the root of the *built* webapp (the 
>>>> directory that could turn into a .war)
>>>>    3) [required] contentDir: the root for web content files (all 
>>>> web-addressable files: *.jsp, *.html, etc.)
>>>>    4) [optional] webinfDir: the source WEB-INF directory.  
>>>> *optional: defaults to ${contentDir}/WEB-INF
>>>>    5) [optional] tmpDir: the temporary directory for generated 
>>>> source files.  *optional: defaults to ${outputDir}/WEB-INF/.tmpbeansrc
>>>> You could of course set (1), (2), and (3) to the same thing to make 
>>>> the compiler act like it does today.
>>>> Thoughts?  Does anyone have a project structure for which this 
>>>> doesn't work?  Are any of (1), (2), (3) fundamentally unnecessary?
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Rich

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