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From "Daryoush Mehrtash" <>
Subject RE: problem with SOAPMessage.class
Date Thu, 24 Mar 2005 01:10:32 GMT
There is an open issue that we need to make sure we understand, I am not
sure I can at this point explain how the XMLBeans and SAAJ would
interact when they are both included on a same webapp.  But I don't
think this is the source of your problem.

This is my source of confusion....As I understand it, two separate web
apps means two separate class loaders.  So let's assume there is a
problem with SAAJ and XMLBeans being on a classpath, this problem would
only affect the web app that has both jars.   There shouldn't be any
cross contamination of classes between two webapps.

I am also troubled with you putting jars in the common lib.  I would
rather get the two apps working as two different webapps each with its
own set of jars.  

Here is what I suggest:

1) let get the standard web service working by itself.  I would not put
SAAJ or XMLBeans jar in common/lib.  And make sure the Lib directory of
the web app contains SAAJ, and no xmlbeans jar.     

2) undeploy the above web app and try the annotated web app.  I would
try two cases:

a) leave both SAAJ.jar and XMLBeans jar in.  
b) remove SAAJ.jar but leave XMLBeans.jar 

Once the annotated Webapp is working by itself, I would then deploy the
non-annotated service as a separate webapp.  If this breaks then there
is something wrong with your tomcat setup, as two webapps should not
affect each other.

I am assuming you are using the Attachments, true?

Do you use tomcat?


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Subject: Re: problem with SOAPMessage.class

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Daryoush Mehrtash wrote:
> I am confused at your use case.  Do you have problem running annotated
> and standard Axis web services under the same web application or do
> have the problem even if the annotated and non-annotated web services
> are in different applications.

  I have two webapps, one for the axis web services and the other for
annotated web services.  They have problems when both are loaded, with
saaj.jar in both and apache-xbeans.jar in the annotated one.

> If you have the annotated and standard webservices running on two
> different web apps, then there shouldn't be any problems.  It would
> sense to remove saaj.jar again from the web app that is running the
> annotated web service.
> May be the other explanation is that you have XML Beans even in your
> non-annotated web services, otherwise why do you even include xml
> beans's jar in your web app that is running the standard axis web
> services.

  I had checked in all of my webapps for any other versions of
SOAPMessage.class, but it was in the saaj.jar in the two webapps and in
apache-xbeans.jar for the annotated webservice.

  So I had three class files of this class, and so I had a linkage

  I am using jdk1.5 update 1 and Tomcat 5.0.27 under Solaris 8.

  For a bit I would only have one webapp or the other installed, but,
today I needed both, as my .net client can use one annotated webservice,
but for another webservice it uses it has to go with axis, since the
annotated has a bug that has already been submitted.
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