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From "Michael Merz" <>
Subject RE: new beta release / .NET-DOC/WRAPPED issue
Date Fri, 11 Mar 2005 17:34:18 GMT
Hi James,

Bug reports with test cases would be awesome! The beta will have various
bug fixes, including proper usage of handlers capable of modifying SOAP
messages before and after invoking web methods (under the covers, we've
switched to Axis 1.2RC3).

However, we're still working with the Axis guys trying to fix your .NET
issue. We'll definitely give you an update once we verified the fixes,
but I am not sure if that will make it into the beta release.



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Ken Tam wrote:
> Hi Alex,
> We're in the middle of winding down the beta release actually.  We
> should be voting on it within the next few days.

  Is there going to be any bug fixes on doc/literal ordoc/wrapped and

  I was testing out these earlier this week and had different errors
with webservices that use complex beans, but these mostly work with
rpc/enc and .net.

  I am planning on doing a more thorough investigation, and submit bug
reports, if it is desired, along with test cases.

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