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From Richard Feit <>
Subject Re: How to use ActionInterceptor.afterNestedIntercept()
Date Wed, 02 Mar 2005 20:52:11 GMT
Hi Sunny,

Basically, afterNestedIntercept() works in the following situation:
    - Your ActionInterceptor is invoked on a request for an action, and
    - in preAction it calls setOverrideForward() with an 
InterceptorForward that points to a nested page flow (i.e., it "injects" 
a nested page flow before the desired action).

Your afterNestedIntercept() is called when the nested page flow is done 
-- when one of its actions forwards to a 'returnAction' (let me know if 
you need more info on that).  It's invoked *before* you actually get to 
the original desired action, and if you want you can even change the 
destination by calling setOverrideForward().

You're right -- you configure action interceptors in netui-config.xml.  
You can do it globally (every action), per-pageflow, or per-action.  
Here's a simple per-pageflow example:

I'm going to try to attach a full example in a subsequent email, but if 
it bounces on the list, I'll send it directly to you.


Yee, Sunny K wrote:

>I'm trying to understand the ActionInterceptor functionality, and can't
>get the afterNestedIntercept() method for my ActionInterceptor class to
>be invoked.   
>Is it a configuration in /WEB-INF/netui-config.xml that will make that
>happen?  An example would be helpful.
>I'm using the Beta code downloaded from the svn source repository.
>Thanks for any help.

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