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From "Eddie O'Neil" <>
Subject Re: SVN missing netui-blank template
Date Thu, 10 Feb 2005 00:37:43 GMT

   Yeah, that's totally true.  :)

   The netui-blank template is actually available in the distribution 
and is only created when the distro is built.  It's not explicitly 
checked into SVN.

   If you need a NetUI webapp from the SVN tree, you can use the target 
"create.netui.webapp" from <beehive-svn-root>/netui/build.xml, though 
there's not a "simple" way of doing builds of that webapp right now 
short of calling the targets in <beehive-svn-root>/ant/buildWebapp.xml 

   If you just want to go off of a distribution, you can build one from 
SVN by running "build.dist".

   Hope that helps!


Scott Semyan wrote:
> Hello, I am trying to run through the pageflow tutorial and I am stuck
> at this step:
> To Copy Page Flow Resources into the Project Folder
> In this step you will copy (most of) the Page Flow application template
> into your project folder. The application template gives the basic
> directory structure for a Page Flow web app, and it includes some common
> resources, for example: image files, supporting JavaScript files, and
> web app configuration files.
> Copy the folder BEEHIVE_HOME/samples/netui-blank/resources into your
> project folder C:\beehive_projects\pageflow_tutorial.
> Copy the folder BEEHIVE_HOME/samples/netui-blank/WEB-INF into your
> project folder C:\beehive_projects\pageflow_tutorial.
> I've done a full checkout and there is no folder samples/netui-blank. My
> listing of the samples directory shows the following:
> controls-blank
> controls-db
> PetStoreDashboard
> petstoreWeb
> README.txt
> wsm-addressbook
> wsm-addressbook-enhanced
> wsm-addressbook-fromWSDL
> wsm-blank
> wsm-employee
> Scott Semyan

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