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From "Michael Merz" <>
Subject RE: updated to nightly build of axis still having problem
Date Wed, 08 Dec 2004 18:42:10 GMT
Hi James,

Is it possible that you're still using Axis' "drop in deployment"
despite not using the corresponding handler anymore? RPC/Encoded is the
JAX-RPC default encoding, JSR-181 specifies DOC/Literal. Note that that
deployment model is no longer supported -- you now have to build and
deploy your web service.

In other words, I am wondering if you actually build a WS project and
deploy the binaries -- or if you simply drop a jws-file into Tomcat's
webapp directory? If you didn't build the web service binaries first
that would also explain why you had problems with the packaging.
Moreover, it would probably be the difference between what you did and
what Wolfgang did.

To build the web service binaries, you'd have to run the following

'ant -Dwebapp.dir=<absolute path to the LmsTest webapp>
-Dcontext.path=ws_demo2 -f <BEEHIVE_HOME>/<ant-dir>/buildWebapp.xml
  deploy'  (or redeploy if you're already using that context)

Where <ant-dir> = "test" when BEEHIVE_HOME points to an SVN repos or
"ant" when BEEHIVE_HOME points to the distribution. If you build from
the distribution, make sure to deploy the updated wsm.jar and
wsm-axis.jar that you have been using instead of the alpha versions.
Also, the above command assumes that you have already run
"" (or .bat) with BEEHIVE_HOME set correctly.

That was a lot :) -- please let me know if you have any questions.



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From: James Black [] 
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Subject: Re: updated to nightly build of axis still having problem

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I am also curious why it is rpc/encoded, as there doesn't appear to be
anything in the .jws file that would lead me to believe it should be.

Attached is the file, the only change that wolfgang127us made was to
comment out the 'package template' line, and he rebuilt the webapp, as
his LmsTest.class file is in jwsClasses, not in the classes dir as is on
my machine.

Here is where I am seeing the rpc/encoded at:

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