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From Vijay Kulkarni <>
Subject Tutorials: Ant build file problem
Date Sun, 07 Nov 2004 11:00:18 GMT
I just checked out the sources and built them. No problem. I am also
able to run the tests through "ant drt" with success.

However, while trying out the "Beehive Web Service Tutorial", I am
facing this problem:

In the section named, "Copy Runtime JARs, Compile, and Deploy the Web
Service", there is a step to "copy the runtime jars to your web
service, compile the web service, and deploy it to Tomcat, all in one
step". The command given is

ant -f %BEEHIVE_HOME%\ant\buildWebapp.xml
-Dcontext.path=ws_tutorial deploy.wsm.webapp.runtime build.webapp

However, there is no "ant" directory under my "BEEHIVE_HOME", so step
this is failing. I cannot find the buildWebapp.xml with these targets
anywhere in my source tree.

I see that the other two tutorials have similar commands, so they
would fail too. Am I missing something here or is the tutorial out of
synch with the code structure? What is the way out?

Thanks in advance,

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