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From "Michael Merz" <>
Subject Invitation: Requested BoF "Beehive web services (WSM)"
Date Thu, 11 Nov 2004 22:09:38 GMT
Bcc: @axis-dev, @axis-user, @beehive-dev, @beehive-user


I've submitted a request for a BoF on "Beehive Web Services Metadata
(WSM)" (see below) and hope it will be officially confirmed and
scheduled within the next couple of days (please check the bulletin
boards for announcements). Let's get together and discuss the
programming/ deployment model, the current state of the project and
future directions/ requirements! I look forward to seeing you at




2004/US BOF submission

Submitter: Michael Merz <>
Title: Beehive Web Services Metadata (WSM)
Level: Experienced
Style: BOF
Orientation: Technical
Day(s): Tue
Duration: 60

This BOF will provide a quick overview of Beehive Web Services Metadata
(WSM), its position relative to other technologies, and its advantages
and potential disadvantages. Besides discussing the current status of
the project and the roadmap, the bulk of the BOF will be to walk through
specific coding examples that use JSR-181 annotations to author Java Web
Services (JWS) declaratively.
Integration with Beehive controls for simplified resource access will
also be covered. The goal of this BOF will be to discuss Beehive WSM
with others interested in bringing JSR-181 to Apache. This BOF cover
subjects interesting to the following communities: Web Services, Java
Web Services Metadata (JSR-181), SOAP, Axis, Java 5.

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