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From Trond Andersen <>
Subject More IDE friendly project layout
Date Fri, 15 Oct 2004 11:20:36 GMT
I would like to have a little bit more IDE layout on the build of
Beehive. Currently the source code generated from XML beans gets
compiled together with source code which is part of the subversion
repository. When I use my IDE I need to specify my dependencies
towards the generated source from XML Beans.

To be concrete: In order to compile from
the Netui module I must have a reference to
..config.bean.PageflowConfig which is a generated class. Now I can fix
this by making a dependency towards netui\build\classes\util\ which
includes the compiled version of the XMLBeans classes. The problem is
that I get a duplicate definition now for all the code which is not
generated, but also included into netui\build\classes\util. This is
because now ConfigUtil is defined both as a dependency __and__ a
source file.

I would like the build script to seperate the compiled code that is
the result of compiling generated XMLBeans classes and the compiled
code that is part of Subversion repository. In this way I can make a
dependency to the directory containing compiled generated code and
avoid duplicate definition problem within my IDE.

Is this achievable or will this create lots of other problems ?

Trond Andersen, Invenia,

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