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From Bryan Che <>
Subject Re: ClassCastException
Date Fri, 22 Oct 2004 13:31:10 GMT
Actually, the app is just the pageflow tutorial app.  However, I am 
trying to get it to run in Jonas/Tomcat.  I've narrowed the problem to 
this filter in the app's web.xml:


Commenting out that filter lets going to / work (I've also found 
a couple bugs in the generated jpf-struts-config*.xml files by working 
with Jonas--I'll send the patches to the developer list).



Richard Feit wrote:
> I'll bite.  Can you send me the webapp?
> Bryan Che wrote:
>> Richard Feit wrote:
>>> Hmm... I've really never seen this, but to clarify, are you able to 
>>> hit a Servlet in *this* webapp (the Beehive webapp)?
>> No, I am not.  I tried putting a simple "Hello World" jsp page in this 
>> webapp and got the same error.
>> Bryan

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