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From Kevin Conaway <>
Subject Porting WebLogic Controls to Beehive Controls
Date Thu, 30 Sep 2004 17:04:01 GMT
We have written an application using the constructs from WebLogic
Workshop like Pageflows and Controls.  We would like to eventually be
able to port our app from WebLogic to another J2EE server like Tomcat
or JBoss.

The pageflows arent an issue with the WebLogic portability toolkit.

We have wrriten a lot of our database code in WebLogic custom control
files but we are interested in porting these controls to Beehive
controls.  Is this feasible? Reading through the Control documentation
on the Beehive site gives me the impression that they are different
animals.  Our controls look something like:
public class DBControl extends com.bea.control.Control
     String testControl();
public class DBControlImpl extends com.bea.control.ControlSource,
implements DBControl
      public String testControl()
            return "Hello World";



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