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From "Rotan Hanrahan" <>
Subject RE: Complex page composition with netui
Date Tue, 21 Sep 2004 13:38:09 GMT
The idea of referencing external resource within markup instead of being inline is supported
through XInclude:
By coupling Content Selection with XInclude, you achieve the result you have indicated.
The use of CS to create templates is also possible, as should now be apparent.
And though there may be just the two of us discussing this, others are watching and now we
have succeeded in raising their awareness of relevant specifications.

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	From: Richard Tomlinson [] 
	Sent: Tue 21/09/2004 13:31 
	To: Rotan Hanrahan; Beehive Users 
	Subject: RE: Complex page composition with netui

	>Let me just point out one common mistake: the execution of Content
	>Selection is not restricted to the client (browser)
	Yes, I've now realised that.
	> but that it at least mirror this behaviour so that an orderly
	>to the proposed specification could take place at a later date.
	I see that as a difficult proposition if the specification assumes that
	all content is inline.   For example, if we have a hypothetical tag
	library offering page composition that provides functionality similar to
	tiles and is structured (badly) thus:
	        <area type="template">
	        <area name="menu"><content>/pages/menu.html</content></area>
	        <area name="sidenav"><content>/pages/nav.html</content></area>
	        <area name="body"><content>/pages/body.jsp</content></area>
	        <area name="footer><content>/pages/footer.html</content></area>
	This uses referencing to external content and also uses a reference to a
	template when the areas are merged.  This is different to that proposed
	by CS.   If we take the CS elements and apply conditions we have the
	            <sel:when sel:expr="...">
	        <area name="menu"
	            <sel:when sel:expr="...">
	The <sel> provides the conditional elements but there is not a standard
	way to specify content for import into areas referenced nor allows for a
	template other than that which is implicit to the page.   So, from my
	point of view, CS only addresses part of the overall problem or caters
	for simple scenarios.
	>Naturally, if Beehive raises issues that suggest improvements to
	>Selection as currently proposed
	From what I've see so far there's only the two of us taking any great
	interest in this subject area.
	>The application model state <snip/> possible to include this within the
	expression language of Content Selection.
	I think this is essential.
	Richard Tomlinson

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