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From "Richard Tomlinson" <>
Subject RE: Complex page composition with netui
Date Tue, 21 Sep 2004 12:31:24 GMT
>Let me just point out one common mistake: the execution of Content
>Selection is not restricted to the client (browser)

Yes, I've now realised that.

> but that it at least mirror this behaviour so that an orderly
>to the proposed specification could take place at a later date.

I see that as a difficult proposition if the specification assumes that
all content is inline.   For example, if we have a hypothetical tag
library offering page composition that provides functionality similar to
tiles and is structured (badly) thus:

	<area type="template">
	<area name="menu"><content>/pages/menu.html</content></area>
	<area name="sidenav"><content>/pages/nav.html</content></area>
	<area name="body"><content>/pages/body.jsp</content></area>
	<area name="footer><content>/pages/footer.html</content></area>	

This uses referencing to external content and also uses a reference to a
template when the areas are merged.  This is different to that proposed
by CS.   If we take the CS elements and apply conditions we have the

	    <sel:when sel:expr="...">
	<area name="menu"
	    <sel:when sel:expr="...">

The <sel> provides the conditional elements but there is not a standard
way to specify content for import into areas referenced nor allows for a
template other than that which is implicit to the page.   So, from my
point of view, CS only addresses part of the overall problem or caters
for simple scenarios.

>Naturally, if Beehive raises issues that suggest improvements to
>Selection as currently proposed

>From what I've see so far there's only the two of us taking any great
interest in this subject area.

>The application model state <snip/> possible to include this within the
expression language of Content Selection.

I think this is essential.

Richard Tomlinson

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