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From Mridul Muralidharan <Mridul.Muralidha...@Sun.COM>
Subject Control container
Date Sun, 29 Aug 2004 06:24:27 GMT

  While using declarative programming , I am facing following problem.

Assume an example like this :

public class Test{
    TestControl test;

    public getValue(){
        return test.someMethod();

Here , the value of test is always null.
While doing a programatic initialisation , everything workd fine.
Assuming that this is 'cos there is no runtime control container.
Am I correct on this ?
If yes , where can I find an control container which I can play around 
with ? Is it part of beehive already ?
Is there someway to convert all declarative initialisations to a 
corresponding programatic initislisation during build time ?

Thanks and Regards

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