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From Rasmus Lund <>
Subject Re: JSF-support in JPF
Date Thu, 12 Aug 2004 06:58:55 GMT
Eddie O'Neil wrote:

> Rasmus--
>  Lots of good questions here.  :)

Which provoked a lots of good answers :) Thanx!!!

>> Will Beehive be deployed as a separate application on a server, or 
>> will it be deployed as support-JARs in a Beehive-using application, or 
>> ...?
> Not sure I follow you here -- but use of the Beehive runtime results in 
> the latter -- JARs in a Beehive-using application.
> Beehive consists of two parts right now -- the Controls runtime, which 
> is a JAR and the NetUI runtime, which is a webapp template (consisting 
> of JARs, TLDs, web.xml entries, etc).  An application could be built 
> that consumes one or both of these which would just require the 
> appropriate runtime JARs, build process for compiling Beehive source 
> artifacts (jcs / jcx / jpf / etc), and deployment descriptors to 
> register things like the Page Flow servlet work.  Does that answer your 
> question?

Yes it does :)

> Obviously the WSMD sub-project is just starting up, so it's not 
> addressed here.

Fair enough.

>> Will WLW IDE support Beehive-development?
> Yes.

Do you know if we can expect to see a beta of the WLW IDE any time soon?

What IDE would you recommend for developing Beehive APPs at the moment?

>> Will WLW Runtime 9 be based on Beehive (or do we get two separate but 
>> similar implementations each supporting the same API, but with a 
>> different QoS and maybe even different feature sets?)
> Yes, the WLW 9.0 runtime will be based on Beehive.  The implementation 
> is the same.  That's not to say there can't be vendor specific 
> extensions -- for example JSP tags or controls that expose some feature 
> of a specific application server -- not just by BEA but by other vendors 
> as well.

Sounds good - it's the way I want things to be then :)

By the way, I instruct a large amount of courses for BEA in Denmark (as 
a subcontractor). And thus it's always nice to know, in which direction 
things are moving - students tend to ask such questions...



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