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From Rasmus Lund <>
Subject JSF-support in JPF
Date Wed, 11 Aug 2004 09:01:35 GMT
Hi folks

As a user of WLW IDE and WLW Runtime, I have a few questions regarding 
Beehive... I guess/hope other WLW users might find some of the answers 
interesting as well. They might even spark some interesting discussions!

Will/does Beehive JPF support/include JavaServer Faces? If yes, will JSF 
replace the NetUI Taglibs? Will it have any impact on the use of Struts?

Will/does JSTL replace some of the similar tags from the WLW Runtime?

Will XScript be replaced by the scripting built into JSP 2.1/JSTL?

Will Beehive support logging with JDK-logging and Log4J?

Will a Logger be available from a JPF-context (as it is from 
control-contexts and from JWS-contexts)?

Will Beehive be deployed as a separate application on a server, or will 
it be deployed as support-JARs in a Beehive-using application, or ...?

Will WLW IDE support Beehive-development?

Will WLW Runtime 9 be based on Beehive (or do we get two separate but 
similar implementations each supporting the same API, but with a 
different QoS and maybe even different feature sets?)

Will Java-clients be able to use controls - e.g. to access an EJB?

What is your take on controls <-> EJB 3.0. It seems to me, that a 
Session EJB 3.0 seen from the client side will look VERY much like a 
Session EJB 2.0 wrapped by an EJB control? Will the two technologies 
supplement or rival each other? To me it seems, that EJB 3.0 session and 
entity beans will become very simple to use for the client, which might 
eleminate the need to wrap EJBs using controls? And will Java Custom 
Controls still be relevant with the much simpler EJB 3.0 session beans?

Controls in WLW Runtime are currently implemented as/wrapped by EJBs 
(right?). Will it be possible to get Beehive to create controls that get 
implemented as EJBs? And what about async/buffered calls - will that be 
supported by Beehive controls (if we deploy Beehive to a server with 
JMS-support that is).

Will the Web Service-support in Beehive enable us to create web service 
operations with a XMLBean Document-type as input/return-types?

Will the Web Service-support in Beevive enable async operations as in 
WLW JWS if a JMS-implementation is available?


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