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From "Scott L'Hommedieu" <>
Subject RE: BEEHIVE-1122 and ability to show all records in a data set
Date Wed, 03 Oct 2007 22:25:28 GMT
Is this EKOneil?  Do you really not talk with him other than through JIRA?
Is this just doc'ing the change?


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From: Carlin Rogers [] 
Sent: Wednesday, October 03, 2007 4:17 PM
To: Beehive Developers
Subject: Re: BEEHIVE-1122 and ability to show all records in a data set

Hi Eddie,

Looks like there's another enhancement request can also be closed with
the work you submitted in svn revision 431515. The change to the
SpanCellDecorator to check if the formatted string is null, then
assign an empty string instead, solves the issue in  	 BEEHIVE-1121 to
add defaultValue to the spanCell tag. I will go ahead and resolve
BEEHIVE-1121. If this is not correct, please feel free to reopen.

Let me know what you think about resolving 1122 as well.

Take care,

On 9/28/07, Carlin Rogers <> wrote:
> Hi Eddie,
> I have a question about a NetUI data-grid enhancement, BEEHIVE-1122.
> Early this month there was a question in the user list about the
> ability to show all records in a data set to the data grid. I noted
> you did some work on this when you checked in a solution for another
> bug, BEEHIVE-1102, for partial data set support. BEEHIVE-1102 has been
> resolved but I was wondering if BEEHIVE-1122 should also be resolved.
> I see that there is also a test that uses the new showAll attribute in
> the <netui-data:configurePager> tag. Seems like this is complete. FYI,
> this work was part of svn revision 431515.
> Can I resolve this for you?
> Thanks,
> Carlin

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