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From "Chad Schoettger" <>
Subject New sample for controls...
Date Tue, 20 Feb 2007 21:20:33 GMT
I just checked in a new sample for Beehive controls and am interested
in any feedback there might be on it.

The sample demonstrates two points:
  1) Controls life cycle events
  2) Adding a service provider to the ControlContextContainer

Based on questions posted to this list and the Beehive user list at
times there appears to be a bit of confusion about when controls life
cycle events occur.  This sample attempts to clarify when the life
cycle events are fired.  The sample application is a page flow which
contains a control, OuterControl.  OuterControl contains a control -
InnerControl.  There are several page flow actions which invoke
methods on OuterControl, which in turn may invoke methods on the

The events are logged using a custom service,
LifecycleEventRecorderService which is registered as a service
provider with the ControlContainerContext.  Both OuterControl and
InnerControl use the service to log their life cycle events.  The list
of events are then displayed in the JSP.

I have intentionally kept the number page flow actions to a minimum,
my hope would be that a developer who is interested in a case not
covered by this sample would be able to add that case with a minimal
amount of work.

I'm interested in any feedback on the usefulness of this sample, as
well as any comments on how it might be improved.

  - Thanks, Chad

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