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From "Carlin Rogers" <>
Subject Update the netui-jsf sample build files to support newer MyFaces 1.1.X
Date Wed, 24 Jan 2007 00:58:05 GMT
I'd like to update the netui-jsf sample build.xml and
files to support building with newer 1.1.x versions of MyFaces. There
are a couple of issues that I've noticed with the netui-jsf sample.
First, it assumes a file naming convention for MyFaces jars that is no
longer used (since 1.1.2). The build properties file only uses a
directory location and assumes the jar names will not change from
release to release of the JSF implementations. Also, later 1.1.x
releases of MyFaces are dependent on commons-lang.jar.

Does anyone mind if I modify the build.xml and in the
netui-jsf sample to support newer 1.1.x versions of MyFaces?

NOTE - this is not an effort to test and support the 1.2 version of
MyFaces and the JSF 1.2 spec. I can kick off a separate thread about
JSF 1.2 support (and JEE 5) a little later.

Also, to make sure the distribution builds correctly with the sample,
I will update the netui/external/jsf dir to include MyFaces 1.1.4. The
current version we use for builds and tests is an old MyFaces 1.0.9.

Sound OK?


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