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From "Chad Schoettger" <>
Subject [CODE REVIEW] Beehive-1120 proposed fix
Date Thu, 05 Oct 2006 19:55:23 GMT
Beehive-1120 was filed by a Beehive user who ran into an issue while
using a data grid nested in a netui form.

The issue at a high level is:

      <netui-data:headerCell sortAction="foo" .....>
  <netui:button action="bar">

Where once the netui button has been clicked on, the sort action for
the data grid header cell, includes an 'actionOverride=bar' attribute.
 Any subsequent clicks on the data grid header will go to the 'bar'
action instead of the 'foo' action.

I have attached a simple application to reproduce this problem to the JIRA bug.


Proposed Solution:

I am by no means a data grid expert, but it seems that
'actionOverride' URL attributes should not be included in a sort

The actionOverride attribute is added in
o.a.b.n.datagrid.runtime.config.DefaultDataGridStateCodec's decode()

I propose that this method be modified to NOT add 'actionOverride'
attributes to the _queryParams Map.

I have tried this change and all of the NETUI BVTs pass.


 - Chad

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