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From PEti <>
Subject Feedback:netui/tutorial.html
Date Sat, 19 Aug 2006 20:26:11 GMT

I have a few comments to the last 2 steps of the tutorial. I am
totally beginner, I have read only the installation and the tutorial
so far, but I think I found some mistakes.

Step 8: Collect Data from a Nested Page Flow
To Launch and Return from the Nested Page Flow
  I think the following code should be in bold too:
        validatableProperties = {
                propertyName = "name",
                displayName = "Name",
                validateRequired = @Jpf.ValidateRequired(),
                validateMaxLength = @Jpf.ValidateMaxLength(chars = 30)),
                propertyName = "age",
                displayName = "Age",
                validateRequired = @Jpf.ValidateRequired(),
                validateRange = @Jpf.ValidateRange(minInt = 1, maxInt = 130))
  and I miss the following line from the processData method:
    fwd.addActionOutput("sport", form.getSport());

Step 9: Adding Actions to a Shared Flow
To Create a Common Destination JSP
Either it should be in the web directory or the path in the should be relative.

As I found in the the shared flow controller class
should be declared in the with the code
        @Jpf.SharedFlowRef(name="shared", type=shared.SharedFlow.class)
inside the Jpf.Controller annotation.

I hope you find my e-mail helpful.

PEti / SPA / eSPeA

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