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From "Kenneth Tam" <>
Subject Re: Porting the controls drts from tch to junit
Date Fri, 07 Jul 2006 23:40:38 GMT
+0 on removing JPF dependencies from controls.

In general my position is that users are better served by looser
coupling between the functional components in Beehive; it makes
initial adoption and ongoing experimentation easier.

On 7/6/06, Chad Schoettger <> wrote:
> I've ported most of the core control's drt's from the tch test
> framework to Junit tests (using the ControlTestContainer).  The only
> ones that haven't been ported are those tests which use a page flow as
> the control container.
> Does anyone have thoughts on what should be done with the tch jpf tests?
> I can think of a couple of options:
> 1 - Go ahead and remove them from the tree, they all have equivalent
> JUnit tests with the only difference being the control container.  If
> removed we would no longer have a dependency on the tch test
> framework.
> 2 - Don't remove them and keep the tch dependency.
>   - Chad

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