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From "Eddie O'Neil" <>
Subject netui -- new data grid pager features
Date Mon, 19 Jun 2006 03:08:02 GMT

  We've had good feedback on the data grid in NetUI and I've started
building a set of enhancements to the paging infrastructure.  The
goals here are to support these features:

- setting a maximum number of rows to render in a data grid.

  This is useful to limit the amount of data that can be paged (by
whatever means) into an application.  It will show up as a new
attribute called "maxRows" on the configurePager tag.

- setting a size hint for the data set

  Today, the data grid determines the size of the data set by
scrolling through all of the items in an Iterator that was created by
referencing some data structure from the dataGrid's dataSource
attribute.  Obviously, this isn't a great way to do this.  :)  This
feature will add a new attribute called "sizeHint" to the
configurePager tag.  The value will be used to determine the size of
the data set and does not need to be 100% accurate.

- support for "partial" data sets

  Today, the data grid does not support a "partial" data set that is a
small subset of a larger amount of data.  Support for partial data
sets would a web application to read (for example) 10 rows of data at
a time while still providing the illusion that the 10 rows are part of
something larger.  At first glance, this feature will add a boolean
"partial" attribute to the configurePager tag that will assume that
the first item to render is at position zero in the referenced data

  I'm certainly open to other suggestions, though these seem like a
good start...


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