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From "Chad Schoettger" <>
Subject Re: wsm breakout progress -- [was: Re: [proposal] wsm breakout]
Date Tue, 30 May 2006 16:07:32 GMT
Good point, I have been trying to decide what the best direction for
the WSC drts might be (WSM dependency and/or Axis dependency).  I was
thinking that the WSC drts didn't add a lot of value to WSM testing
since typically they are exercising web service features provided by
the underlying service provider.  However they are a good sanity check
for WSM and do gain a measure of portablilty from the WSM dependency.

If you don't mind the dependency on WSM then I am fine with leaving
the WSC drts as they are.

   - Chad

On 5/30/06, Eddie O'Neil <> wrote:
> On 5/30/06, Chad Schoettger <> wrote:
> > I had been thinking of updating the WSC drts to run against just AXIS
> > instead of WSM, perhaps this wouldn't be a bad time for it once you
> > get these changes commited.
>   Would it be better to leave the web services for WSC testing
> authored with JSR-181?  It provides an additional set of tests for WSM
> and gives the test suite (presumed) portability between web service
> stacks if that was needed.
>   Thoughts?
> Eddie

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