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From "Xibin Zeng" <>
Subject callback dispatching and ensureControl()
Date Tue, 23 May 2006 18:00:10 GMT
Hi -

Here is a problem that I observed while developing some code that supports
control callback dispatching.

[Background] In ControlBean.ensureControl(), we lazily initializes the
control impl, including getImplInitializer().initServices(), which will
inject @Context fields (for ResourceContext and ControlBeanContext). This is
done properly for a ControlMethod call (through preInvoke and invoke
listeners); I don't think this is done properly for a Control callback - I'm
dispatching the callback  event using ControlContainerContext.dispatchEvent

[Problem] When we dispatch a callback event for a control, since there are
no control method calls involved, the ensureControl() stuff is *not* called
and certain things are therefore not initialized. In addition, when this
control is nested (inside of another control impl), we need to ensure
control for all the nesting parent control beans so the containing impl is
initialized correctly.

This problem can be demonstrated by writing a control A whose impl uses
another control (B); A's impl also has an event handler for an event set of
B. From this event handler, if you accessed @Context fields that is declared
in A impl, you would get a NullPointerException due to initialization not
performed properly for A.

[Solution] The solution could come from
ControlContainerContext.dispatchEvent() where it pre-performs the
ensureControl() step for the bean that is dispatching callback to; we have
to do this for all its parents. Note that calling control methods from these
callback handlers is fine as those invocations go through ensureControl().

Is my observation correct? If so I can probably create a JIRA issue and
submit a patch for this.

- Xibin

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