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From Rich Feit <>
Subject Re: netui -- adding a required ServletContextListener
Date Tue, 04 Apr 2006 20:04:52 GMT
Seems fine to me.  It doesn't buy us anything currently (since 
PageFlow{Jsp,Faces}Filter is required, so its init() always runs), but 
it does free us from depending on 
PageFlowActionServlet/PageFlow{Jsp,Faces}Filter in case we want to move 
away from them in the future.


Eddie O'Neil wrote:
> All--
>   NetUI has a need for a common place to do setup and tear down tasks
> for the framework, and as such, I'd like to make a
> ServletContextListener a requirement as a place to do this work.
>   This provides a place to do NetUIConfig initialization as well as a
> place to remove ServletContext attributes that NetUI (and Struts) put
> there.  I've had some trouble with class reloading in Tomcat that
> requires the latter problem be fixed in order for the framework(s) to
> reinitialize correctly after classes are reloaded.
>   Thoughts on this?  Ideally, we'd make this an upgrade requirement
> for moving from Beehive 1.0 to Beehive V.Next so that we can put the
> initialization code in a single place.  Am open to suggestions on
> that.
>   Ideally, this would be something called NetUIContextListener that
> has interceptor chains for "initialize" and "destroy" phases with
> implementations that plug-in to provide default behavior for each of
> these phases.
>   Thoughts / ideas?
> Eddie

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