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From "Eddie O'Neil" <>
Subject page flow destroy, controls, and deadlock
Date Wed, 29 Mar 2006 17:41:40 GMT

  Hey, I've run into a thread deadlock problem in the interaction
between Controls and Page Flow that happens in the following

thread1: acquire lock on FooPageFlow (during FlowController.execute)
thread2: acquire lock on
BeanContextServicesSupport.globalHierarchyLock (JDK class)
thread1: acquire lock on BarControlBean (ControlBean.ensureControl())
thread2: wait for lock on BarControlBean (BeanContextSupport.remove())
thread1: wait for lock on
BeanContextServicesSupport.globalHierarchyLock (JDK class)

So, the problem is that the same JPF is being both created and
destroyed by two different threads.  It appears that the "destroy"
phase of the JPF lifecycle is entirely unsynchronized and can freely
acquire Control locks without having serialized access to the Page
Flow itself.

  My thought is to add a synchronization point in
JavaControlUtils.uninitJavaControls that locks on the
PageFlowManagedObject as this would serialize access to the Page Flow.
 But, I seem to recall some threading issues with locking on a JPF
during the "destroy" part of the lifecycle and don't want to resurrect

  Any suggestions about how best to make this fix?


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