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From Rich Feit <>
Subject Re: page flow destroy, controls, and deadlock
Date Fri, 31 Mar 2006 05:44:49 GMT
Looks like a tough one.  First of all, the problem with synchronizing in 
onDestroy is also a deadlock issue: since onDestroy is called from an 
HttpSessionBindingListener, the Servlet container may have a lock on the 
session itself when onDestroy is called.  I don't think it's mandated by 
the Servlet spec, but I don't think it's forbidden either.  
Unfortunately, this means that a deadlock can occur if code in another 
thread synchronizes on the page flow instance first (as in an action 
method invocation), then calls a method on HttpSession that synchronizes 
on the session object.  Again, I don't think this is mandated by the 
spec, but it happens.

Nothing strikes me off the bat, but I actually don't understand the 
deadlock sequence below (I don't disagree -- just don't have enough info 
to see it).  What grabs the lock on 
BeanContextServicesSupport.globalHierarchyLock?  What prevents deadlock 
in general between locking on 
BeanContextServicesSupport.globalHierarchyLock and BarControlBean?

Also, how is the same JPF being *created* by two separate threads?


Eddie O'Neil wrote:
> Rich/Daryl--
>   Hey, I've run into a thread deadlock problem in the interaction
> between Controls and Page Flow that happens in the following
> circumstance:
> thread1: acquire lock on FooPageFlow (during FlowController.execute)
> thread2: acquire lock on
> BeanContextServicesSupport.globalHierarchyLock (JDK class)
> thread1: acquire lock on BarControlBean (ControlBean.ensureControl())
> thread2: wait for lock on BarControlBean (BeanContextSupport.remove())
> thread1: wait for lock on
> BeanContextServicesSupport.globalHierarchyLock (JDK class)
> So, the problem is that the same JPF is being both created and
> destroyed by two different threads.  It appears that the "destroy"
> phase of the JPF lifecycle is entirely unsynchronized and can freely
> acquire Control locks without having serialized access to the Page
> Flow itself.
>   My thought is to add a synchronization point in
> JavaControlUtils.uninitJavaControls that locks on the
> PageFlowManagedObject as this would serialize access to the Page Flow.
>  But, I seem to recall some threading issues with locking on a JPF
> during the "destroy" part of the lifecycle and don't want to resurrect
> those.
>   Any suggestions about how best to make this fix?
> Eddie

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