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From Eddie O'Neil <>
Subject [vote] beehive 1.0.1 release
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2006 22:43:47 GMT

  JIRA says that there aren't any more bugs in the 1.0.1 release, and
the documentation has made good progress, so let's cut a release.  The
stats for this release are as follows:

- JIRA stats for the release:
   - 90 bugs have been fixed
   - 1 new feature added (JUnit support for controls)
   - 15 improvements

90 bug fixes is a good bunch of work.  :)

  The release candidate is available here:

and was built at SVN change 374489.  Please download and take it out
for a spin.  The vote will run until 10 PM 2/5 GMT.  Assuming the vote
passes, I'll finalize the release on Monday.


[+1] Yes, the promote the release candidate to Beehive 1.0.1 final
[0]  Abstain / not sure.
[-1] No, release candidate isn't ready.  If you vote this way, please
provide an explanation why and add what can be done to address your

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