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From Davanum Srinivas <>
Subject Annotation parsing framework for Axis2 (Re: [wsm] a plan)
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2006 00:24:41 GMT

i was looking at the current codebase and spotted the
MirrorWsmBuilder. Is this what we can use in Axis2 to inspect a given
java class? and one the WsmService object is built, then translate
that to Axis2 thingies? Can we split out the processing framework into
a separate jar (w/o things like Axis1 stuff)? Am i on the right track
with this thinking?


On 1/3/06, Eddie O'Neil <> wrote:
> All--
>   Happy New Year!  And, as a way to start the year off on a good foot,
> let's get WSM to 1.0.  Below is a proposal for how we get from here to
> there with some details about where we are and what needs to happen.
>   Today, there are two core WSM parts, both of which are tailored to
> the Axis web service stack:
>   build-time: This is a generic annotation processing layer that has
> the ability to work against Mirror, reflection, and WSDL to produce a
> WSM JavaBean model that represents a web service.  The build-time
> layer has a plug-point for generating source artifacts to support
> various web service runtimes.  For example, the Axis implementation
> produces a serialized version of the WSM JavaBean model.  This could
> also produce JAX-RPC source / deployment descriptor artifacts, etc.
>   runtime: The runtime side of WSM is specifically built to support
> the Axis 1.x runtime.  It loads the serialized JavaBean model
> generated at build time and uses an Axis Handler to configure a
> SOAPService given this information.
>   There is another large bunch of code in WSM related to tools:
> wsdl2ajava -- this tool supports the top-down web service development
> model and starts with a WSDL to produce an annotated Java source file.
>  This tool requires significant knowledge of WSDL and type mapping for
> a specific web service stack.  For example, the mapping for an XSD
> year is mapped to org.apache.axis.types.Year and something different
> on other web service stacks.  wsdl2java is a non-trivial bunch of code
> to write, but is also a very useful tool.
>   In order to finish WSM, one more re-architecting step needs to be
> completed; I'd like to remove the use of a serialized Java object as
> the way to communicate from the build-time to runtime parts of the
> implementation.  This would be replaced with a WSDD like, but WSM
> specific, XML descriptor of the service.  AFAICT, WSDD can't be used
> for this because too closely matches the shape of a Java class (Dims
> and others, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong).  So, we need a
> simple XML file that describes the information captured in a
> WsmService.
>   Once this is done, we can start work on passing the JSR-181 TCK.
> This will be done atop Apache Axis 1.x.
>   In order to expedite the process of getting from here to TCK
> compliance, I'd like to suggest that we stop stop work on the
> wsdl2ajava tool in order to focus on finishing 1.0 and restart this
> tool immediately post-1.0.
>   Post 1.0, there are lots of other things that we could do including:
> - JDK 1.4 support
> - drop-in support for WSM in Axis to support iteratively developing an
> annotated web service
> - JAX-RPC support (Ias, still have any interest in working on this?)
> - custom annotations to support container-specific features like type mapping
> - and so on...
>   Personally, I'm chomping at the bit to get WSM's 1.0 done and would
> like to narrow scope in order to do that.  I think we're almost ready
> for the TCK; I'll start on the XML file to describe an annotated Axis
> web service shortly.
>   Thoughts, comments, and flames welcome.
> Eddie

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