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From Changshin Lee <>
Subject Re: [wsm] a plan
Date Thu, 05 Jan 2006 09:18:09 GMT
>   Post 1.0, there are lots of other things that we could do including:
> - JDK 1.4 support
> - drop-in support for WSM in Axis to support iteratively developing an
> annotated web service
> - JAX-RPC support (Ias, still have any interest in working on this?)

I'm very glad to tell you that Tmax Soft will contribute to JSR 109  
support for Beehive.

The feature encompasses JAX-RPC mapping files and web services  
deployment descriptors (webservices.xml) in terms of code generation.  
In addition to those XML files, some extension to WSM annotation  
types can help generate web application deployment descriptors  
(web.xml) annd EJB module deployment descriptors (ejb-jar.xml).

We are going to start this sub-project soon and will report its  
progress when significant steps are made.

Happy new year,


> - custom annotations to support container-specific features like  
> type mapping
> - and so on...
>   Personally, I'm chomping at the bit to get WSM's 1.0 done and would
> like to narrow scope in order to do that.  I think we're almost ready
> for the TCK; I'll start on the XML file to describe an annotated Axis
> web service shortly.
>   Thoughts, comments, and flames welcome.
> Eddie

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