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From Rich Feit <>
Subject Re: web.xml, samples and jsf
Date Mon, 30 Jan 2006 22:18:47 GMT
We should probably add the .jsf extension for samples/netui-jsf, but 
even though we can't have the .faces/.jsf Servlet-mappings in our 
default web.xml (since we don't require JSF), I think we should keep the 
Filter-mappings for .faces/.jsf, since they point into our code, and 
since you could easily install JSF into your app and then run without 
the Filter-mappings... which would be Bad.  Thoughts?


John Rohrlich wrote:
> I've noticed that the web.xml files included with the JSF sample
> (samples/netui-jsf) include filter-mapping for both .faces and .jsf but
> a servlet-mapping for .faces only.
> At first I thought there was a code problem but with the .jsf
> servlet-mapping either extension works.
> I also noticed that both the .faces and .jsf filter-mapping are in the
> web.xml file included in samples/netui-samples but neither JSF
> servlet-mapping.
> - john

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