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From Rich Feit <>
Subject Re: JSF Backing File...
Date Wed, 25 Jan 2006 17:01:49 GMT
Sure... in short, it lives as long as you're viewing (and making 
requests to) its associated JSF page.  When you hit a JSF page, we look 
for its associated backing bean class ( for /foo/bar.jsp).  If 
it's not already the Current JSF Backing Bean, we make it that.  If it 
is, we leave it alone.  When you make any request to anything else 
besides the JSF page (/foo/bar.faces), we blow away the bean.

o.a.b.n.pageflow.faces.PageFlowViewHandler handles creating/replacing 
the current JSF backing bean, and PageFlowRequestProcessor removes it 
when you make any request to a page flow action.

In general it should never have multiple threads in it, since our filter 
for *.faces synchronizes on the current page flow (but I'd appreciate a 
second opinion on that :) ).


Daryl Olander wrote:
> Rich,
> Can you give me a five minute explination of the life of a page flow backing
> file.  IT seems to me it should be treated the same way as a page flow, in
> that it will live from request to request and if it has controls it should
> have it's on CCC.  What do you think?
> What are the threading issues?  Can it ever have multiple threads in it?

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