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From Rich Feit <>
Subject Re: Error vs Warning for an Action not found?
Date Fri, 13 Jan 2006 07:15:05 GMT
Hey Carlin,

The action attribute was intended to be stricter, since it *must* be an 
action in the current page flow.  But you're right, with Struts merge we 
can't know whether a valid action is being merged in.  I think relaxing 
to a warning is sufficient.


Carlin Rogers wrote:

>Hey Rich,
>I have a compiler question. A forward that references a non-existent action
>using the *action* attribute is currently an error. Referencing a
>non-existent action or page with the *path* attribute results in a compiler
>For example, I tried a forward annotation with the action attribute set to a
>struts action from a merged struts config. I don't think the compiler takes
>into account the Struts merge for a valid action. When I looked through the
>code, it appears that for a valid action we check the method names on the
>given page flow, the named shared flows, and finally the deprecated
> So no check on a struts merge.
>Do you have insight as to why it is an error and thoughts about relaxing
>this to a warning just like the path attribute?

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