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From Eddie O'Neil <>
Subject wsm renaming -- BeehiveWs* to Wsm*
Date Fri, 30 Dec 2005 00:41:12 GMT

  Just a heads up -- I'm going to rename the BeehiveWs* classes to use
the more generic (and shorter) Wsm* prefix.  Am also planning on
condensing the abstract base classes and JavaBean implementations into
a single class that can then be extended as needed.  They're just
JavaBeans -- nothing simpler than that.  :)  For example,
BeehiveWsParameterMetadata and DefaultParameterMetadataImpl would
condense into a single class WsmParameter.

  Am also planning on removing the two letter prefixes in the JavaBean
property names for these JavaBeans.  For example,
BeehiveWsParameterMetadata has methods like:

  getWpName() / setWpName(String)

where the "Wp" part is redundant with the class name.  These would change to:

  getName() / setName(String)

  We could always build something more complicated here, but I'd
rather do that with a need in mind rather than anticipating a need
that we don't have yet.

  Comments welcome; should have this checked in over the next few days.


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