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From Eddie O'Neil <>
Subject beehive and maven
Date Fri, 23 Dec 2005 00:15:12 GMT

  Apologies for the wide distribution, but this is relevant to both
the dev@ and user@ lists.

  I'm starting to do the work for Beehive to appear in the Maven
repository and work with Maven builds (thanks to Adam!).  This
includes a few parts:

- creating .pom files for NetUI and Controls.  Am planning on making
these two separate files.  If you're familiar with Maven, does that
make sense?
- creating checksums and signatures for all of the Beehive 1.0 JARs
- making the JARs and XML files available in the Maven repository
- adding Adam's Maven plug-in for building Beehive source artifacts to
SVN.  Will also make this available from
for the 1.0 release and will include them in subsequent releases.

  If you're using the files currently in Beehive's Maven repo here:

let me know.  These files are *very* stale, and I'm planning on
refreshing them with the 1.0 distribution and moving forward from
there.  Will also include a snapshot of WSM.  Just don't want to cause
anyone a migration problem.

  Thoughts / comments / flames welcome.  I'm a Maven newbie, so please
let me know if I'm confusing something or you'd like additional


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