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From "Eddie O'Neil" <>
Subject Re: wsm -- using Axis .wsdd file instead of serialized Java object
Date Wed, 07 Dec 2005 15:50:27 GMT

   Good point -- I'm trying to avoid generating too many .java files in 
the pure-Axis case as we'll need lots of flies for JAX-RPC.

   Using the .wsdd file appealed to me because it's really *simple* and 
easy to debug.  I think I also figured out how to use them to pass 
headers to web service methods as parameters using the attributes on the 
<parameter> element.

   I'll give .wsdd generation a shot and see how it works.  Maybe we'll 
even have something new to talk about at ApacheCon.  ;)


Davanum Srinivas wrote:
> That would indeed work fine. Another option is to try the --helperGen
> option in wsdl2java. it can create for each bean (and
> that contains the metadata).
> thanks,
> dims
> On 12/7/05, Eddie O'Neil <> wrote:
>> All--
>>   I've been doing a bit of digging into Axis to look at how we're
>> wiring up an Axis SOAPService from an annotated Java file.  The
>> process basically works like this:
>> build-time:
>> - check annotations
>> - generate JavaBean model of the service
>> - serialize JavaBean model into .ser files available in an
>> application's classloader
>> runtime:
>> - load .ser files and convert into JavaBeans
>> - convert JavaBean model into a SOAPService
>> - load SOAPService into Axis
>> While this generally works, Axis already has the .wsdd mechanism for
>> being able to define the "shape" of a service from an annotated Java
>> source file.  WSM could simply generate the .wsdd files at build time
>> and then those files would contain the operations, parameters, type
>> serializer / deserializers, etc that are needed to execute a service
>> in Axis.
>>   Seems like this would be simpler than a lot of the code that exists
>> today to convert a .ser JavaBean into a SOAPService.  It doesn't
>> provide a quick iterative development experience, but personally, I'm
>> more concerned with obtaining JSR-181 compliance and adding features
>> second.
>>   We need to ship this thing.  ;)
>>   Thoughts?  Dims / Ias, know of any reason why this wouldn't work?
>>   Thanks for any input.
>> Eddie
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> Davanum Srinivas :

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