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From "Adam Jenkins (JIRA)" <>
Subject [jira] Commented: (BEEHIVE-1016) Maven goal for building the various beehive components.
Date Fri, 02 Dec 2005 00:08:31 GMT
    [ ] 

Adam Jenkins commented on BEEHIVE-1016:

Quick Start:

Download and install maven 1.1 beta 2 from

Unzip the maven plugin zip file attached to this issue.

Go to the maven_plugin folder and run:

$> maven plugin:install

you will have problems with the following files (as they're not yet on ibiblio)


to rectify this...add the following files, with the specified name, to the specified directories
(below...$HOME means your home directory, on unix /home/me on windows c:\documents and settings\me\
 -- oh, and note the '.' maven (dot maven)))....note, you only have to do this until the libraries
end up on ibibio:

add apache-xbeans as apache-xbean-2.0.jar to $HOME/.maven/repository/xmlbeans/jars
add jsr173.jar as jsr173-1.0.jar to $HOME/.maven/repository/xmlbeans/jars
add beehive-controls.jar as beehive-controls-1.0.jar to $HOME/.maven/repository/beehive/jars/
add beehive-netui-compiler.jar as beehive-netui-compiler-1.0.jar to $HOME/.maven/repository/beehive/jars

then again run:

$>maven plugin:install

The plugin should successfully install....yay! off to the example project

unzip somewhere

go to the directory 'site' on the command line


$>maven war

it will first complain about "Failed to download aspectjrt-DEVELOPMENT-20050510.jar."

this is because it's set up to use aspectj.  the easiest work around is to use the jar file
I will attached....or you can remove it as a dependency from the project.xml.  Quickest way
is just to drop the attached aspectj jar to $HOME/.maven/repository/aspectj/jars

I'll also attach some other jars that aren't available from ibiblio.  There are a couple of
ways of dealing with this.  Either download them from this issue to their respective directories
(below)...or download them from their homes (sun or apache or whatever)....or to remove them
from the project.xml dependencies section....but remember, all beehive required jar files
must be in the project dependencies (there are a lot of extraneous dependencies as this project
was taken reverse engineered from an actual real world project...I will endeavour to clean
it up today and get you a new copy).

aspectjrt-DEVELOPMENT-20050510.jar -- I've attached this...similarly, you could change the
version in the dependencies, or remove aspectj (see above for where to put it).
commons-email-1.0-rc2.jar -- this can be changed in the project.xml to be <version>1.0</version>...which
I believe has been released.
bcprov-jdk15-129.jar -- not needed, but I've attached can either use it, or remove
it from the project.xml dependencies.  It goes in $HOME/.maven/repository/bouncycastle/jars
jsr181-pre-1.0.jar -- ?  Don't know about this one...I've attached it.  hey, look at that,
it's one of yours....I put it in $HOME/.maven/repository/bea/jars can put it whereever...just
make sure you change the dependency group id etc etc.
javamail-1.3.2.jar (try downloading from -- you can
download this, or I"ve attached.  It goes in $HOME/.maven/repository/javamail/jars ...I actually
don't think it's needed by default...I think it's only there 'cause I was doing some mail
activation-1.0.2.jar (try downloading from
-- you can download this, or I"ve attached.  I don't know if this is needed or not, you guys
can probably best answer that (does beehive use activation?)...anyway, throw it in $HOME/.maven/repository/activation/jars
db-ojb-1.1.0.jar -- not needed, probably best to remove this from the project.xml dependencies.
ojbtest-1.0.jar -- not needed, probably best to remove this from the project.xml dependencies.
beehive-netui-core-1.0.jar -- copy to $HOME/.maven/repository/beehive/jars
beehive-netui-tags-1.0.jar-- copy to $HOME/.maven/repository/beehive/jars
beehive-wsm-1.0.jar-- copy to $HOME/.maven/repository/beehive/jars
beehive-wsm-axis-1.0.jar-- copy to $HOME/.maven/repository/beehive/jars
beehive-wsdltypes-1.0.jar-- copy to $HOME/.maven/repository/beehive/jars
saaj-1.2.jar -- I've attached, or you can download.  it goes in $HOME/.maven/repository/sun/jars
(or at least that's where I put it)
jaxrpc-1.1.jar -- I've attached, or you can download.  ...again, I put this one in $HOME/.maven/repository/sun/jars

right...we should now be able to run:

$>maven war

now this should build...but there are actually a lot of stuff in the <dependencies>..</..>
of the project.xml that can probably go....if I get time I'll clean it up, or someone else
can :) in site/target you should have a pretty empty site.war (it'll have some stuff in it,
but not very functional)....throw some example site (maybe petstore...oh man, I should have
done that...I should have used petstore as the example....lame on my part, sorry....will rectify
if I get time)....anyway, throw some pageflows in src/pageflow....some controls in src/controls....etc
etc etc  (these directories can be reconfigured in your if you like

run maven war again

you should have a war file in the target directory....but you may get an error "No goal [aspectj:compile]"
if you don't have the aspectj plugin installed

to get around this...edit the maven.xml file and just remove this:

    <preGoal name="java:compile">        
        <attainGoal name="aspectj:compile"/>

remove it all.


and I just got given a product enhancement (work) with a deadline of today (it's 11:04am)
I think I'll be out of here for a little while.  I'll do what I can to answer any questions
you email through whenever I manage to get home tonight.

Cheers guys, hope this wasn't too long winded or difficult to follow.  I will try to scrape
together some spare time to do a petstore example.

> Maven goal for building the various beehive components.
> -------------------------------------------------------
>          Key: BEEHIVE-1016
>          URL:
>      Project: Beehive
>         Type: Wish
>   Components: Build
>  Environment: Maven
>     Reporter: Adam Jenkins
>     Assignee: Eddie O'Neil
>     Priority: Trivial
>  Attachments:,
> Creating this issue to upload artifacts useful for building beehive projects using maven.

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