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From Kyle Marvin <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] BEEHIVE-1010 AptControlInterface does not detect errors from a custom control checker
Date Fri, 18 Nov 2005 19:04:49 GMT
I haven't reviewed the patch, but an alternative approach might be to
wrap the original com.sun.mirror.apt.Messager instance provided by the
APT environment, and then pass this wrapped instance into the custom
control checker.

Since a custom checker should *always* raise user visible warnings or
errors using the Messager interface, the wrapper Messager instance can
maintain a count of any errors raised (and then just delegate down to
the original Messager instance).

This way, you get accurate error detection for free, without an API
change or requiring that the checker return the right value to you.

Hope this helps,

-- Kyle

On 11/17/05, Chad Schoettger <> wrote:
> I just posted a patch for BEEHIVE-1010.
> Basically the bug was that the AptControlInterface has no way of knowing if
> a custom control checker detected any errors. In order to resolve this issue
> it was necessary to modify the ControlChecker interface's check() method to
> return a boolean value instead of void. The boolean return value is used to
> let the AptControlInterface know if there were any errors found by the
> checker (denoted by a return value of false).
> The ControlChecker interface is a public interface which custom checkers
> must extend. Since the fix for this issue involves changing a public API I
> would like to get input from the dev list from anyone who might be concerned
> about this change or have any ideas for other options to resolve this issue.
> - Thanks,
> Chad

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