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From Carlin Rogers <>
Subject IE issue with "netui:button" rendering HTML <button> control
Date Tue, 25 Oct 2005 17:54:55 GMT
I've found an issue with IE in how it passes the name/value pair of an HTML
<button> control as a request parameter from the form regardless of whether
it was the button that was clicked or not.

Yesterday I attached a patch to to JIRA issue 970 for beehive. See In the patch the NetUI
Button tag class has been modified to use a new renderer, ButtonTag, to
output the HTML <button> element when either the 'renderButtonElement'
attribute is set or in the case when a <netui:button> has both a value
attribute and content between its start and end tags.

However, after submitting the patch I've noticed one particular issue with
IE. When we set the 'action' attribute on the netui:button we write out the
name attribute of the <button> tag using the "actionOverride:" prefix so
NetUI PageFlowRequestProcessor can process an action override. For example,

<button type="submit" name="actionOverride:cancel">Cancel</button>

But this may break the form submit in NetUI. IE handles this tag differently
from the HTML <input> tag. IE does not include an <input> button in the
request parameters if it was not pressed. However, even when a different
submit button is used in a form, IE seems to pass all name/value pairs of
<button> controls in the request parameter.

That means that a form with the above <button> tag will include a request
parameter with
name = "actionOverride:cancel"
value = "Cancel"

Then in NetUI when we look for a process override parameter, we will see
this parameter and set our request wrapper to indicate that it's forwarded
by button and use the alternate action (cancel in this case).

This is not an issue with Mozilla, FireFox, or Opera.

I was wondering if anyone had some good ideas about how I could address this
issue or what I should do with regards to BEEHIVE-970. Thoughts?


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