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From Glauber Adriano Reis <>
Subject Re: AJAX Support
Date Sun, 23 Oct 2005 05:16:02 GMT
Hi Daryl,

...just some thoughts.

I think that using xml-rpc for AJAX could be something to consider. Did you take a look at
[]. JSON-RPC [] (and JSon-RPC-Java idea [])
could be something to consider as well, since JSR 223 is comming along, JavaScript on the
server and client side
would be great.

Glauber Adriano

Daryl Olander wrote:
> I've started the process of looking in real detail at what type of support
> for AJAX we should have in Beehive. These are my early thoughts:
> 1) We shouldn't develop our on client side framework, instead we should
> adopt one or more of the current open source frameworks. Ideally, we could
> make this choice optional and not directly tie the tag programming model to
> the AJAX framework directly.
> 2) Dojo, Prototype, SAJAX and <> seem
> to be the best choices of frameworks to start looking at.
> 3) We want to create a base programming model in the tags that requires no
> coding (JavaScript) by the developer for simple things
> 4) We want to support a bunch of base features such as Google
> Suggest/AutoComplete, Html content replacement (select box, anchors, etc),
> form field and text/span updates.
> 5) We need to setup a pull model to refresh pages and with strong
> integration with page flows.
> 6) Multiple events need to be delivered to the client from the server and
> multiple actions be called per XmlHttpRequest.
> 7) There are also other nice features such as Callout and Drag and Drop that
> are on the nice to have level.
> In addition, we need to continue to push our "rich controls" to become
> richer. This means that the Tree, DivPanel and DataGrid need to become much
> richer. Today both the Tree and DivPanel support XmlHttpRequest, but don't
> support dynamic update of their content.
> I've sent mail the the user list asking for input. I'm also looking for more
> technical/design feedback and discussion to take place here.
> What do people think?

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