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From Rich Feit <>
Subject Re: [SimpleTags] Discussion
Date Wed, 19 Oct 2005 19:51:02 GMT
This seems great to me.  My first question is, can we put your other two
emails out on the wiki (maybe linked off a new page )?  I think they're really
helpful as background.

Two comments below...

Daryl Olander wrote:

>This thread is intended to discuss the SimpleTags and if we go forward with
>them or not.
>These are what I think are the advantages of creating a new tag set
>1) It separates the UI logic into a light weight component model (Behaviors)
>in the same way JSF did, in fact rendering itself is also separate.
>2) It cleanly issolates itself from the Servlet and PageFlow dependencies
>3) It offers a significantly cleaner base implimentation from which we can
>add AJAX and other tag features
>4) It is based on the JSP Simple tags and provides a single base class
>5) It can be adopted as a UI layer in Velocity and possible Spring WebFlow
>or Clarity
>There are a bunch of disadvantages
>1) It's a new tag library and we already have a good library (from the users
>2) We would have to move forward all of the tags (Databinding, Templates,
>Tree, etc)
>3) The upgrade is straight forward, but not "perfect". Some features like
>JavaScript and Error reporting work differently, in a well formed document,
>they work the same.
>There are a number of issues unresolved:
>1) Should the Tag API match 100% (better for upgrade) or do we cleanup the
>API (remove some of the struts like support from Form for example)?
>2) Do we simply deprecate the old tag library or keep it alive for simple
>enhancements and bug fixes while adding new features like AJAX to the new
>tag library?
These are hard questions.  Given that we went 1.0 with the old tag set,
I personally feel that we should keep it alive (but not with new
features), and not deprecate it.  This takes off some of the pressure to
have a 100% match between the APIs/attributes.  Does that seem
reasonable, or will it be a huge burden?



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