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From Rich Feit <>
Subject Beehive/Spring/Struts/WebWork
Date Mon, 10 Oct 2005 18:36:56 GMT
Hi all,

I've been on a bunch of emails about the idea of a new web framework that would somehow unify
Beehive, Spring, Struts and WebWork -- at least the parts of all these projects that overlap.
 As far as I know, none of these groups has officially signed onto any such idea, and the
parameters of the project definitely have not been hashed out yet.  I'm wondering what sorts
of reactions people here have to the idea at this stage.  If it happens, should Beehive be
involved?  Are there parameters that would make this a good thing for Beehive to join?

We had a brief exchange about this on the PMC this weekend, mostly to confirm that it's a
discussion that we should have on this list.  So here we are.

Some notes:

    - I'm attaching the initial email I got from Patrick Lightbody (WebWork), along with another
from Keith Donald (Spring).  I forwarded the entire chain to the PMC and it was apparently
overwhelming and of marginal value, so I'll try to limit it to important messages.

    - I want to stress that *if* this is something we should be a part of, then it is up to
us (the Beehive community) to establish the ways in which we would need this to work.  Other
projects will have other opinions/needs.  If we do this, I think that scoping the project
and setting it up will be the hardest parts.

    - I am currently on a private thread with four other people about this.  As you'll see
from the original email, they're trying to keep the discussion limited to one representative
from each project until there's resolve to go forward with it.  I'm actually in favor of the
project -- I think it would be good for Beehive and for the community at large -- but as this
discussion shapes up, I would like to be replaced by someone who's more skeptical.  I think
this will help us move forward (the whole Nixon/China thing :) ).

    - The attached email from Keith is a technical exchange he and I had about how Beehive
Page Flow and Spring Web Flow could be integrated.  One of our PMC members expressed concern
about this, so I wanted to include it and to assert that this isn't committing us to anything.
 It was meant to be an exploration of whether we could work together, and I think it's enough
to show that we can.  For now, I'll drop this discussion until we have a clearer idea of Beehive's

It's really important that we figure out if (and *how*) this would work for Beehive.  Let
me know what you think.


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