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From Rich Feit <>
Subject Re: [nomination] Carlin Rogers for Beehive committer
Date Tue, 04 Oct 2005 22:50:00 GMT
I realized that I didn't mention a time-limit on this.  Please vote by
20:08 GMT, 2004-10-06 (2:08PM MST, Thursday -- I think that's right).


Rich Feit wrote:

>Hi all,
>I'd like to nominate Carlin Rogers as a committer for Beehive.  Carlin
>has a large body of quality contributions under his belt, including
>Tiles support, the rewrite of the URL rewriting and URL templating
>layer, and Commons Validator 1.1 support, as well as numerous bug fixes
>and additions to the docs and samples.
>Carlin's communication with both the dev and user lists is thoughtful,
>in-depth, and informative.  In general, I believe that Carlin's attitude
>and interest in doing the right thing are both examples for anyone who'd
>want to be a committer.  
>Here's my +1 to start the vote...

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