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From Rich Feit <>
Subject Re: Control of white space in the NetUI tree rendering...
Date Tue, 04 Oct 2005 22:43:34 GMT
Hi Carlin,

Just wondering if there's another option: have attributes for whitespace
(maybe one for before-item and one for after-item) and line-break on the
netui:tree tag.  Would this provide enough flexibility?  A factory just
seems so heavyweight for this purpose.  What do you think?


Carlin Rogers wrote:

>I wanted to get some thoughts about the white space in tree rendering. Some
>folks want to completely control white space in the tree rendering using CSS
>and/or image padding rather than &nbsp; characters and line breaks.
>The current TreeRenderer creates white space that may not be desired in two
>ways. First, there are places where the "&nbsp;" entity is used for
>presentation purposes, preventing the tag user from controlling spacing on
>their own. A tag user would like to have the flexibility to solve spacing
>issues rather than have it predefined. In addition, line breaks after spacer
>images create small gaps after the spacer image. We have the line breaks to
>make the HTML source readable but some browsers display small gaps.
>Some possible options for allowing more control over the white space would
>be to...
>1) Add a new, simple, all or nothing attribute for the <netui:tree> tag that
>by default would use the same markup today with "&nbsp;" and line breaks, or
>when set would remove this white from the markup.
>2) Create a factory that provides a set of values (Strings such as "&nbsp;"
>and "\n") that can be used in the markup to manage the white space between
>the elements that make up a tree node. Each value would have a specific name
>for it's location within the markup such as between the icon image and the
>label text. We would have a default class implementation that the factory
>would provide to the renderer. Then, an application developer could provide
>their own implementation that allows them to determine the String used to
>separate each part of the node markup.
>In option #2, would we want this class registered in the
>beehive-netui-config.xml for the application or would it be a new tag
>attribute? I think having it in the class registered in the config file is
>best so we're not trying construct it on every request. Maybe the factory
>checks once for the config entry and then caches an instance of the class to
>Please let me know if you have any other thoughts about this issue or input
>on the design direction.

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