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From Eddie O'Neil <>
Subject Re: TCH Project
Date Wed, 14 Sep 2005 02:51:29 GMT

  I actually don't have strong feelings about this either way.  TCH is
something that isn't really a priority in Beehive right now -- IMHO,
we have perfectly sufficient ways to test controls, especially once we
get the standalone controls test container I've been sitting on. 
Currently, TCH doesn't seem to be actively maintained, and it's not
clear that we would ever ship it as part of a distribution.

  After 1.0 ships, I've been considering looking writing controls
tests on just JUnit + the Controls test container.

  Some options seem to be:

- use it / contribute to it in Beehive SVN, but I can't promise that
Beehive will always use it
- propose incubating it with the goal of growing a developer community
around it; to do so, you'd need to approach the general@incubator list
with a proposal.  It's possible that the Beehive PMC would need to
discuss, support, or be involved with this, but I'm honestly not sure.
- branch it from Apache.  I presume that in this case the code would
have to continue to use the ASF 2.0 license; not sure what precedence
there is for this or what the legal / licensing ramifications are in
doing this.  Cliff would be best suited to answering those questions.

  Test frameworks like TestNG and JUnit are also growing into
fine-grained control of tests with metadata, so it might be
interesting to coordinate any work on TCH with one of the existing
test frameworks.

  Other thoughts / comments about this?


On 9/13/05, Boris Chen <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I was inquiring about spinning off the TCH test framework to be an independent project.
The main reasons are:
> multi-process management/controlsupport for complex setup/teardown for suitesparameterization
of tests and suitesdynamic suite composition at runtime (use of filters)means to attach metadata
to testsIf there is no interest in incubating a new project at Apache, I wasconsidering taking
the code, and creating a new open source projectaround it.
> Thanks

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