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From Eddie O'Neil <>
Subject beehive 1.0 release status
Date Fri, 02 Sep 2005 16:56:09 GMT

  Just an update on where our release status seems to be...

  We've made significant progress in documentation (especially for
NetUI) over the last few weeks; the new documentation is available for
review here:

  There are several blocking JIRA issues for 1.0:

BEEHIVE-872 -- This is the XMLBean issue, and I've not seen an update
from the XMLBean committers / pmc yet on their status relative to the
license issue around the JSR 173 API JAR.  Will ping them and see if
they've figured this out yet.

BEEHIVE-887 -- This is just tracking all of the places that need to be
renamed to Beehive 1.0 before shipping.

BEEHIVE-904 -- This is the bug tracking the switch from XMLBeans to
JavaBeans for clients of the NetUI config file.  I think we're close
on this -- I've got a patch in the bug for review and will commit that
once we agree that it looks good.

  Once these are done, we should be ready to do post a release
candidate (finally!).

  As a strawman for the release plan, I'd suggest that we take the
following steps after resolving JIRA 904 / 872 (887 can be resolved in
a branch):

- branch trunk/ into branches/v1/final
- complete the removal of WSM and the service control from the
documentation and binaries.
- post a release candidate (including putting the documentation on the website)
- hold a 3 day vote
- have a virtual party :)



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