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From Glauber Adriano Reis <>
Subject Re: getting involved
Date Mon, 19 Sep 2005 03:52:40 GMT

Glauber Adriano

Eddie O'Neil wrote:
> Adriano--
>   Hey; Daryl added IDEA 5.0 instructions on the wiki here:
> Could you add your NB instructions to a similar wiki page?
>   Thanks!
> Eddie
> On 9/11/05, Glauber Adriano Reis <> wrote:
>>Sure, I think it is great for now adding to Wiki instructions
>>as to how import netui-blank into a NetBeans web project (and other IDE's as well).
>>Since there is a "free form" kind of web project, importing will be no hard.
>>If you agree, I may add the instructions to Wiki today but it is going to
>>be related to having BEEHIVE-921 into trunk, isn't it?
>>Glauber Adriano
>>Eddie O'Neil wrote:
>>>  IMHO, I'd rather have instructions for using the NetUI projects in
>>>an IDE on the wiki for the time being until we've got more than just
>>>NetBeans and because this may evolve as people work with annotation
>>>processing, Ant + IDE integration, and so on.
>>>  If we do decide to apply this patch, there are a few things that
>>>need to change:
>>>1) I've already applied the samples changes
>>>2) the nb-netui-blank sample is now just the same structure as netui-blank
>>>3) most of the rest of the instructions in the new doc on NetBeans 4.1
>>>and NetUI are already captured in the rewrite (see patch in
>>>BEEHIVE-921) of samples_netui-blank.xml and netui/projects.xml.  If
>>>the patch is applied, we might trim it down to remove the list of JARs
>>>(no reason to duplicate it in the doc kit) and to just discuss the
>>>NetBeans specific steps needed to get running.
>>>  Thoughts?
>>>On 9/11/05, Rich Feit <> wrote:
>>>>Hi Adriano (sorry, been calling you by a different name :) ),
>>>>I actually just got to the patch on this -- one of us will get it in for
>>>>v1.  Thanks again.
>>>>Glauber Adriano Reis wrote:
>>>>>I send along a netbeans friendly blank netui project and have also
>>>>>made netui-samples a bit more netbeans friendly (the mailer deamon
>>>>>wont allow me to sent it to the list because of its size, though).
>>>>>Directory structure
>>>>>are much like jakarta recommendation
>>>>>I have attached a minimal guide as to the netbeans blank project and
>>>>>spotted a couple of typos in some jsp inside samples/, the patch is
>>>>>Any ideas as to how AJAX is supposed to be implemented for some tags
>>>>>(from the ground up, use some already available library etc) ?
>>>>>I am playing a bit with it and would really want to be in synch with
>>>>>you guys...
>>>>>Eddie O'Neil wrote:
>>>>>>   Great!  Glad to hear that you've got a "wish list".  Feel free
>>>>>>contribute patches, discuss on the dev@beehive list, or add such items
>>>>>>to the wiki page:
>>>>>> Definitely, send along your changes to netui-blank; in general, I
>>>>>>tend to prefer the web application project model that the
>>>>>>samples/petstore uses which is probably similar to your NetBeans setup
>>>>>>and has the src/ directory separated from the URL addressable content.
>>>>>>How did you end up laying out your project?  Also, how well did the
>>>>>>Beehive annotation processors integrate with the NetBeans build
>>>>>> Maybe we can just reorganize the netui-blank template in the
>>>>>>distribution to be more IDE friendly.  :)
>>>>>> I agree that it'd be a good idea to have a "contrib" section in SVN
>>>>>>where we can put things that are released out-of-band with the rest
>>>>>>Beehive.  The Tomcat container adapter might be an example of
>>>>>>something like this.  We'll probably tackle this once the 1.0 has
>>>>>>On 8/23/05, Glauber Adriano Reis <> wrote:
>>>>>>>Ok, thanks for the advice. We, at work (using Weblogic Workshop),
>>>>>>>have a "wish list" of  features that would be cool seeing in Beehive
>>>>>>>such as having AJAXified valiadation tightly integrated with netui
>>>>>>>I know it is low priority fetures but...
>>>>>>>I 've built Beehive from svn and will take a look at "Beehive
>>>>>>>Would it be possible to have a directory "contrib" under samples?
As a
>>>>>>>netbeans users I'd like to have my Beehive projects using the
>>>>>>>of netbeans Web Application and so I did last weekend. I made
>>>>>>>changes to "netui-blank" in order to make the directory structure
a bit
>>>>>>>more as jakarta  recommends and  ant script a bit "netbeans" friendly
>>>>>>>since I wanted to use  all netbeans Web App ant targets that comes
>>>>>>>free. So a small nebeans-based sample beehive application would
>>>>>>>Rich Feit wrote:
>>>>>>>>And... if you're simply looking for a way to contribute, without
>>>>>>>>necessarily having a clear agenda for what you'd like to change,
>>>>>>>>can take a crack at an unassigned issue:
>>>>>>>> - Create an account at ASF JIRA (issue tracking system):
>>>>>>>> - When logged in, click the Filters link in the upper-righthand
>>>>>>>> - Choose "Beehive - Unassigned".
>>>>>>>>Page Flow issues are in the "NetUI" component.  If you do
find one
>>>>>>>>you're interested in, feel free to discuss it on this list!
>>>>>>>>Eddie O'Neil wrote:
>>>>>>>>>And, if you're interested in getting Beehive building
from SVN,
>>>>>>>>>check out this wiki page:
>>>>>>>>>On 8/19/05, Kenneth Tam <>
>>>>>>>>>>Hi Adriano,
>>>>>>>>>>A good place to start is to think about what you'd
like to change or
>>>>>>>>>>add in Beehive based on your experience building applications
>>>>>>>>>>with it
>>>>>>>>>>-- for example, is there a feature that doesn't quite
work the
>>>>>>>>>>way you
>>>>>>>>>>think it should, or that is missing entirely?  Then
you can
>>>>>>>>>>engage the
>>>>>>>>>>rest of the developers on this list to talk about
what it might mean
>>>>>>>>>>to make that change.
>>>>>>>>>>On 8/19/05, Glauber Adriano Reis <>
>>>>>>>>>>>I've been working with Weblogic Workshop and got
amazed by Page
>>>>>>>>>>>features. I'm quite impressive with  Beehive project
as well.
>>>>>>>>>>>I'd  really like to get involved to Beehive but
don' t know
>>>>>>>>>>>where to
>>>>>>>>>>>start from. I find Page Flows and Controls really
>>>>>>>>>>>is it a
>>>>>>>>>>>good starting point?
>>>>>Index: forrest/release/src/documentation/content/xdocs/site.xml
>>>>>--- forrest/release/src/documentation/content/xdocs/site.xml   (revision
>>>>>+++ forrest/release/src/documentation/content/xdocs/site.xml   (working
>>>>>@@ -89,6 +89,7 @@
>>>>>           <control-blank label="Project: Control" href="controls/sampleControlsBlank.html"/>
>>>>>           <wsm-blank label="Project: Web Service" href="wsm/sample_wsm-blank.html"/>
>>>>>           <ws-control-blank label="Project: Web Service Control" href="system-controls/webservices/sample-ws-control-blank.html"
>>>>>+          <netui-nb label="Project:NetBeans Page Flow and Control"
>>>>>       </samples>
>>>>>       <reference label="Reference">
>>>>>           <infra label="Build Tools">
>>>>>Index: forrest/release/src/documentation/content/xdocs/samples/index.xml
>>>>>--- forrest/release/src/documentation/content/xdocs/samples/index.xml
 (revision 264071)
>>>>>+++ forrest/release/src/documentation/content/xdocs/samples/index.xml
 (working copy)
>>>>>@@ -40,6 +40,9 @@
>>>>>           <li>
>>>>>               <a href="site:ws-control-blank">Project: Web Service
>>>>>           </li>
>>>>>+            <li>
>>>>>+                <a href="site:netui-nb">Project: NetBeans Page
Flow and Control</a>
>>>>>+            </li>
>>>>>       </ul>
>>>>>   </body>
>>>>>   <footer>
>>>>><?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
>>>>><!DOCTYPE document PUBLIC "-//APACHE//DTD Documentation V2.0//EN" "">
>>>>>  <title>NetBeans 4.1 Page Flow and Control Blank Project </title>
>>>>>  <section id="intro">
>>>>>    <title>Introduction</title>
>>>>>    <p>Use the NetBeans Project sample (located at
>>>>>                             <code>&lt;BeehiveRoot&gt;/samples/nb-netui-blank</code>)
as a starting point for building your own Page Flow and Control applications inside NetBeans
4.1 IDE.</p>
>>>>>    <note>&lt;BeehiveRoot&gt; refers to the top-level directory
of your Beehive installation.
>>>>>                                     A typical value for &lt;BeehiveRoot&gt;
would be <code>/apache/apache-beehive-1.0</code>. </note>
>>>>>    <p>
>>>>>Before opening the exemple inside NetBeans IDE 4.1, you need to set a
library comprising all Beehive runtime
>>>>>dependencies by going to Tools &gt; Library Manager and adding a new
library named <code>Beehive</code> . After that, you can add the runtime dependencies
by clicking Add JAR/Folder button in the Classpath tab.
>>>>><strong>Runtime dependencies:</strong>
>>>>>The template contains everything needed in a basic Page Flow and Control
>>>>>                             application </p>
>>>>>  </section>
>>>>>  <section id="using">
>>>>>    <title>Using NetBeans 4.1 Page Flow and Control Blank Project</title>
>>>>>    <p>The following instruction assume that you have completed
all of
>>>>>                             required and optional steps in the Beehive
set up procedure at
>>>>>                             <a href="site:../setup">Installation
and Setup</a>.</p>
>>>>>    <p>To use the sample, follow these steps:</p>
>>>>>    <section id="copy_rename">
>>>>>      <title>Copy the Sample Folder</title>
>>>>>      <p>Copy the folder
>>>>>                                     <code>&lt;BeehiveRoot&gt;/samples/nb</code>
to your
>>>>>                                     NetBeans development directory. </p>
>>>>>      <p>Below we assume that you have copied <code>nb</code>
into the
>>>>>                                     folder <strong><code>/myDevelopmentDirectory</code></strong>.</p>
>>>>>      <source xml:space="preserve">/myDevelopmentDirectory/nb-netui-blank</source>
>>>>>      <source xml:space="preserve">/myDevelopmentDirectory/myWebApplication</source>
>>>>>    </section>
>>>>>    <section id="edit_properties_file">
>>>>>      <title>Edit the <code></code>
>>>>>      <p>In this section you will edit the <code></code>
file--the file
>>>>>                                     that sets the build-related properties
for your web application.</p>
>>>>>      <p>Open the file <code>/myDevelopmentDirectory/nb/</code>
>>>>>                                     in a text editor.</p>
>>>>>      <p>Edit the <code>beehive.home</code> property
so that it points to the
>>>>>                                     top-level folder of your beehive
>>>>>                             </p>
>>>>>      <p>  For example, if you beehive installation
>>>>>                                     resides at <code>/apache/apache-beehive-1.0</code>,
then your <code></code> file
>>>>>                                     would appear as follows.</p>
>>>>>      <p><strong>Note:</strong> the value of <code>&lt;SomeContext&gt;</code>
will determine the
>>>>>                                     app's URL address.</p>
>>>>>      <source xml:space="preserve">beehive.home=<strong>/apache/apache-beehive-1.0</strong>
>>>>>      <note>Windows users must use forwardslashes (/) not backslashes
(\) in the
>>>>>     <code></code> file.</note>
>>>>>    </section>
>>>>>    <section id="build">
>>>>>      <title>Building and Deploying the Project</title>
>>>>>      <p>From inside the IDE, you can build and deploy the project
to the bundled Tomcat servlet container as you do with any other NetBeans Web Application
Project. </p>
>>>>>      <note>If you have set this project as the <code>Main
Project</code> you can build it by simply pressing <code>Shift-F11</code>
(clean and build) and <code>F6</code> to run it inside the bundled Tomcat servlet
>>>>>    </section>
>>>>>  </section>
>>>>>  <legal>Java, J2EE, and JCP are trademarks or registered trademarks
>>>>>                     Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the United States and other
>>>>>                     countries.<br/> &copy; 2004, Apache Software
Foundation </legal>
>>>>>Index: netui-samples/ui/datagrid/masterdetail/Controller.jpf
>>>>>--- netui-samples/ui/datagrid/masterdetail/Controller.jpf      (revision
>>>>>+++ netui-samples/ui/datagrid/masterdetail/Controller.jpf      (working
>>>>>@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@
>>>>>-    @Jpf.Forward(name="index", path="matser.jsp"),
>>>>>+    @Jpf.Forward(name="index", path="master.jsp"),
>>>>>   @Jpf.Forward(name="detail", path="detail.jsp")
>>>>>   })
>>>>>public class Controller
>>>>>Index: netui-samples/ui/select/repeatingSelectWithOptionBody.jsp
>>>>>--- netui-samples/ui/select/repeatingSelectWithOptionBody.jsp  (revision
>>>>>+++ netui-samples/ui/select/repeatingSelectWithOptionBody.jsp  (working
>>>>>@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@
>>>>>         <br/>
>>>>>         <br/>
>>>>>         <netui:select dataSource="" optionsDataSource="${pageInput.petList}"
>>>>>-              <netui:selectOption value="${container.item.petID}"
>>>>>+              <netui:selectOption value="${container.item.petId}"
>>>>>                 <netui:content value="${}"/>
>>>>>             </netui:selectOption>
>>>>>         </netui:select>
>>>>>@@ -42,4 +42,5 @@
>>>>>     </netui:form>
>>>>>     <br/>
>>>>> </netui-template:section>
>>>>>\ No newline at end of file
>>>>>Index: netui-samples/ui/pageinput/index.jsp
>>>>>--- netui-samples/ui/pageinput/index.jsp       (revision 264077)
>>>>>+++ netui-samples/ui/pageinput/index.jsp       (working copy)
>>>>>@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@
>>>>>     <br/>
>>>>>     <table>
>>>>>         <tr><td colspan="2"><b>Pet Details</b></td></tr>
>>>>>-          <tr><td>Identifier:</td><td>${}</td></tr>
>>>>>+          <tr><td>Identifier:</td><td>${}</td></tr>
>>>>>         <tr><td>Name:</td><td>${}</td></tr>
>>>>>         <tr><td>Price:</td><td>${}</td></tr>
>>>>>     <tr><td>Description:</td><td>${}</td></tr>
>>>>>@@ -43,4 +43,5 @@
>>>>>     that <i>does</i> provide the required page input.
>>>>>     <br/>
>>>>> </netui-template:section>
>>>>>\ No newline at end of file

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