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From Eddie O'Neil <>
Subject NetUI Javadoc issues
Date Sat, 27 Aug 2005 01:59:51 GMT
  In looking through the NetUI Javadoc, I've found a few things that
need to be fixed before 1.0.  These include:

- the netui/src/core package isn't being Javadoc'ed
- the Javadoc is labeled in the title as "Page Flow API" rather than "NetUI API"
- the Controls / WSM / system control Javadoc page titles are
inconsistent with the NetUI ones.  Will make all of them say something
like "Beehive xyz API Documentation"
- the Javadoc window titles don't include the version number 

In NetUI, we are also Javadoc'ing **/internal/** packages, which means
that things we've (to date) considered non-public APIs are being
doc'ed along with the rest of the public API.  Rich, you've had
thoughts on this before -- maybe we should remove them if we consider
them "internal" APIs.

  Should have this changes in the list above checked in momentarily.

  Thoughts on the **/internal/** Javadoc?


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